Direct Mail Marketing

Put your message into the hands of your customers.

What is Direct Mail Marketing?

A marketing tool that sends a physical correspondence directly to your current customer list or to a targeted audience that resembles your customer. Some might tell you that Direct Mail is dead, but the research says otherwise.

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Advertise with Direct Mail

Send us your customer list or we can create a targeted audience list for you. This is a great solution for sending advertisements for small business advertisements or large corporate mailings. We offer a variety of mail service classes, content, volume and delivery options. Make your marketing dollars count with targeted marketing campaigns. Stand out from competitors with unique sizes, colors, shapes and thickness. Anyone can go online design a postcard and send it out to 5,000 people. But will the return be worth those efforts? Maybe, maybe not. Do things right the first time, reach out to us and let us help you advertise with Direct Mail.

Customized Direct Mail

Enhance you business Marketing Plan by building a custom direct mail campaign. You can take advantage of our in-house design team to customize your Direct Mailers. Working with us ensures that you will avoid many of the costly mistakes made by the DIY crowd. Yes, it is a little more expensive to get a custom design. But the cost is worth it if the return on your investment pays for itself. Let's work together on your next marketing campaign.

Automated Direct Mail Campaign

Save money when you set up recurring Direct Mail Campaigns to send out on a timed basis. A quarterly postcard can remind people that you are ready to assist them with your product or services. Print all of your cards for the year in one run, this saves money on the printing. We will store and hold the cards and send them out in monthly or quarterly intervals.

Direct Mail Promotions

Send out coupons, event schedules or special pricing events with a Direct Mail Promotion. We can help you get these promotions into the hands of customers and that will help you create sales. Many of us try a new restaurant for the first time because we found a coupon. Get your message out there with Direct Mail.

Endless Possibilities

We have done a lot over the years, but that is not to say that we have seen it all. We are always looking for new clients and new ideas. We are a small business which gives us the ability to create a custom solution for your needs. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they get a product designed to solve their pain point. We have been doing this for over 35 years and we still love it.

Direct Mail for Dentists

Starting and running a dental practice is no easy task, but if the schedule is full and money is coming in, things are a little easier. As the world continues to shift and neighborhood demographics change, it can be difficult to get new clients. Do not wait for someone to do a Google Search. Get out in front of your competition to win customers. Let us help you grow your business with Direct Mail specifically for Dentists.

Direct Mail for Fitness Clubs

The fitness industry is known for its high client turnover, therefore it is vitally important for there to be new customers coming in. From yoga studios to martial arts, cross-fit to national fitness chains, we do it all. We know how, when and who to market to in order to keep your business in business. Reach out today for a quote or to talk about some of the ideas you have.

Direct Mail for Heating & Cooling

No one knows how difficult it is to run a business unless they do it. Well, we run a small business. We may not understand all of your challenges first hand, but we are here to help and we will listen to what you need. Don't wait for someone to google you because their air-conditioning went out. The best client customer relationships are long term. Be the first call with a direct mail piece sent to potential clients.

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