Do Not Throw Away Your Marketing Dollars

Less really is more. By narrowing your target mailing areas by household income, age or gender, you can get higher response rates.


Mail your print marketing to specific zip codes, cities, or states.

Marital Status

Narrow down you geographic area by Marital Status.


For products or service, you might target specific household incomes.


Define your target audience within a geographic area by age.

Idaho's Tresure Valley

We can break down demagraphics and send your print marketing mailers to those that are most likely to take action.

*Represented in thousands

Total Population

At more that 3 quarters of a million people the Treasure Valley is expanding rapidly.
Age 60+

157,000 or just over 20% of the population is over the age of 60.
Have Bachelors Degree

247,000 people or 1/3 of the population has a bachelors degree.
Median Income

At $78,000 the median household income of the Treasure Valley, many have disposable income.

We Print For Companies All Across the USA

Yes, we are a small family business, but we don't stop at the Idaho boarder. With Clients from coast to coast, we have the resources to help you get across the finish line, wherever you may be.

Utah's Salt Lake County

We can target populations around the country.

*Represented in thousands

Total Population

With large areas like Salt Lake (1.16 million), targeting entire populations is expensive.
Age 60+

185,000 people are over 60, target your customer base directly.
Have Bachelors Degree

429,000 have a bachelors degree, does that sound like your customer?
Median Income

Median income of $80,000, you can narrow down your mailing list to those might buy.

Combine Demographic Data

You can target specific demographic combinations. Maybe you want to mail an oversized Fitness Club postcard to men over the age of 50 residing in Chicago with an income of over 100k. We can do that!