Welcome to KPG Boise's Offset Printing Services!

When it comes to high-quality printing solutions in Boise, KPG Boise is your trusted partner. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we offer top-notch offset printing services that cater to various businesses and individuals alike.

What is offset printing?

Offset printing allows for a cost effective way to print in bulk.

Offset printing is a widely-used and reliable commercial printing method that ensures precision and consistency in producing vibrant prints. It involves transferring ink from a plate to a rubber blanket and then onto the printing surface, ensuring crisp and detailed results. This technique is perfect for projects that require large quantities of prints without compromising quality.

  • First StepDesign

    Matching the design to the desired outcome is a vital step in any project. You can submit your own artwork or work with one of our talented graphic designers. We ensure that proofs are approved before beginning on production.
  • Second StepPrepress Work

    The magic continues as we work on creating the layout of the project. We map out how each page will be printed. The approved designs are imbedded into printing plates that will be used on the multi-colored commercial presses.
  • Thrid StepPrinting

    Here the rubber meets the paper and production begins. Paper moves its way through the presses one color at a time. We pull out samples all along the process to ensure that the print quality remains high.
  • Fourth StepCutting

    Each piece is trimmed down to its final size. We use commercial grade cutters. This allows us to keep a uniform shape and size for the entire project.
  • Fifth StepDeliver

    We can deliver to any local address, ship via carrier or directly mail to your customers. We take care to ensure each and every customer receives a great product. Many of our customers have become lifelong friends.
  • Sixth StepRepeat

    Repeat. Most of our customers choose to reorder from us on a repeat basis. If we do our job right, you'll be back, and that's what has been keeping us in business for over 35 years!